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Listed below you will find individuals, organisations and research links that have been instrumental in assisting my progress into and supporting me within the EFT field.  I encourage you to take a trip through the links to access a wealth of information.

Carol Wilson – CEO of Culture at Work, UK

 In 2006 I was priviledged to be trained by Carol and complete her Performance Coaching course.  This course was conducted via telephone conference over several weeks.  No Zoom learning then!! The experience of not being able to rely on visual cues totally changed the way I operated, and accutely tuned my ear to what was being said.  That skill has completely changed the way I listen to my clients, colleagues, family and friends, and for which I will always be profoundly grateful.  Thank you Carol for the gift of active listening.  Coaching has been the perfect platform on which to build my EFT Practice.  Click here to see Carol’s list of listening types – which one are you?

In 2007 I was honoured to contribute a Case History to an early book of Carol’s called Best Practice in Performance Coaching – A Handbook for Leaders, Coaches, HR PRofessionals and Organizations – published in 2007.

Carol is an international speaker, writer and broadcaster based in the UK. She is the Founder and CEO of Culture at Work and Performance Coach Training, a Fellow of the ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management), an Honorary Life Fellow and Global Advisory Panellist to the Association for Coaching, former Head of Professional Standards & Excellence at the Association for Coaching,  and a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association. Carol is an expert on all areas of management training, from team coaching to senior leadership.

Carol’s career is extraordinarily diverse – 25 years as a corporate MD and board director before moving into the coaching/training/consulting sphere.  Carol’s coaching culture was firmly grounded by 10 years as MD at Virgin, working with Sir Richard Branson.  She was the first woman in the world to found a chart-topping record label called Dindisc which went on to sign many outstanding talents, of which Sting was one.

Definitely a woman of many talents who transforms individuals and organisations.  Explore Carol’s many other career highlights here.

Kate Helder

Kate may not realise this but she is responsible for my introduction to and move into EFT consulting!  In 2011 when I was dealing with health issues I received a phone call from Kate saying she thought she had something which would help me out of the hole I was in.  That “something” was EFT and I thought it was bonkers, but in time I came round to her way of thinking.  Down the track, when I said I was benefiting from using EFT and I thought I would do some study Kate recommended I train with Dr Peta Stapleton; the dye was cast and the rest is history.  Thank you Kate for caring enough to show me EFT and for encouraging me to achieve Practitioner certification.

Kate Helder is a social entrepreneur with a genuine interest in health and wellbeing. With over 25 years experience in sales, marketing and project management, Kate is committed to creating a greater awareness of the mind, body link and EFT (Tapping) in the broader community.  With that objective in mind in 2016 she established the events company Mind Heart Connect with Dr Peta Stapleton.  Furthermore, through her collaboration with trauma healing expert, Dr Lori Leyden (US), Kate recognised the unmet need in the community for effective complimentary therapies for frontline care givers.  This led, in 2018, to the creation of the Mind Heart Connect Foundation whose objective is to meet this need.

Dr Peta Stapleton

You’ve all heard the saying:-

Magic happens, then science catches up!!!

Over many years as a world reknowned researcher, Peta has been making sure that the science behind Tapping (EFT) has been extensively studied and Evidence-Based EFT has been brought to the world-wide audience.  This has culminated in her latest book “The Science Behind Tapping“.

Peta has led world-first randomized clinical trials investigating the effectiveness of EFT. Take a look at her Research Page here, and her Ted Talk entitled “Is Therapy Facing a Revolution” in which Peta proposed that EFT was becoming the fourth wave in the management of mental health.

In 2016 I had the absolute good fortune to be taught Tapping (EFT) by Peta, and she was my supervisor/mentor throughout training to finally obtaining my Practitioner certification under EFT Universe.  Peta made the technique come alive for me, and instilled in me an appreciation for its elegance and simplicity, for that I owe her a great debt of gratitude.  Thank you so very much Peta.

Peta is a registered Clinical & Health Psychologist and is currently an Associate Professor in Psychology at Bond University (Queensland, Australia).  In 2019 she was named Psychologist of the Year by the Australian Allied Health Awards.

Given the requirements of a CoVid world Peta has established herself as one of Australia’s leading online Health Professionals.  She and her trainers offer workshop trainings to Allied Health Professionals and Teachers.  She, along with Kate Helder are co-founders of Mind Heart Connect, the events company which promotes mind-body connection awareness through evidence based practices.

Dr Lori Leyden, PhD, MBA 

Lori’s trauma healing skills (anchored in EFT (Tapping) and The Grace Process) have been experienced by literally thousands of people around the world.  From the mountains of Rwanda to the Australian Outback, and throughout the communities of Newtown, CT, and Parkland, FL in the US who suffered the tragic school shootings in recent years.

Lori founded Create Global Healing – a non-profit whose Project Light initiatives bring a form of humanitarian aid designed to nurture the next generation to heal themselves and lead others.

Through her association with the Global Evolutionary Leaders Council, and Association for Transformational Leaders Lori mentors transformational leaders, business people and influencers in their quest to become heart-centred leaders in the shift toward global healing.

Lori’s work in Australia in recent times has been in association with the Mind Heart Connect Foundation and programmes have been conducted in Broome, WA.

During 2018 I was priviledged to attend Lori’s workshop to learn her protocol for the use of “EFT for Trauma Relief and Resiliency”, and have subsequently received mentoring from Lori in this important aspect of the application of EFT.

Grateful thanks to you Lori for assisting me to hone my skills to better facilitate client outcomes.

Interested in becoming a Certified EFT Practitioner?

Listed below are the major organisations offering Practitioner Certification programmes.

EFT Universe

This is the organisation through whom I certified.  Their training is a mixture of on-line, self-paced study, combined with either in-person or online tutoring (CoVid rules dictate here).

Click here to learn about their Certification programmes.

Click here to access their Research/Study material

EFT International

Formerly known as AAMET International, EFTI is a UK-registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Click here to learn about their Certification programmes.

ACEP – Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Click here to learn about their Certification programmes.

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